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Sun Valley Trekking has built a network of six huts nestled deep in the rugged and beautiful mountains of Central Idaho, allowing skiers to traverse remote and spectacular mountains with comfortable accomodations.   Immersing yourself in the unique lifestyle that hut-living has to offer is the popular choice for those wishing to rough it smoothly! Link two or more of our backcountry huts on a multi-day adventure and let our guides show you secret powder stashes, awesome peaks and  high passes while ski-touring amidst stunning mountain vistas. In the evening, kick back inside a cozy hut or yurt for delectable food, games, stories, and camaraderie. Cap off each night with a relaxing sweat in a cedar sauna or a deep-heat soak in a wood-fired hot tub, snuggle in to a cozy wood heated yurt and wake up to continue the adventure!

There are many options for connecting our huts, so please call us to discuss the possibilities.


Two Day Minimum
1 guide:1 guest  =  $595/person/day              2 guides:5 guests = $235/person/day

1 guide:2 guests = $330/person/day              2 guides:6 guests = $200/person/day
1 guide:3 guests = $235/person/day              2 guides:7 guests = $200/person/day

1 guide:4 guests = $200/person/day              2 guides:8 guests = $200/person/day

Includes Guide Service, 3 meals/day, hut rental fees
Excludes Equipment and Transport*

*May be added for additional charge. Please call Sun Valley Trekking for additional pricing information.

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